Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Booking by text is preferred. If you wish to call to speak to me please text first to arrange a convenient time to call. Anonymous numbers go straight to voicemail. Do not leave me voicemails as I do not check them. All texts will be answered between the hours of 7am and 10pm. Outside these hours my phone is switched off. Email is the least efficient way to book especially at short notice, as I may not read it in time. Please specify which service and what length session when inquiring.

What is your address?

I am located on the edge of the Christchurch CBD, near Fitzgerald. I do not provide my full address without a booking.

What are your rates?

Please do not waste my time with this question. My services and rates are very clear on here and on all my advertisements elsewhere. This question tells me you have not bothered to read my ad properly and therefore I am unlikely to bother to take your booking.

Is there parking?

Yes, I am situated in a discreet, quiet side street and there is ample parking available.

Must I use a condom?

Yes, and anyone trying to circumvent this rule will be asked to leave and no refund will be given. Requesting bareback when making a booking will result in your number being instantly blocked.

How much notice is needed for bookings?

Preferably at least one hour, however I am sometimes available at shorter notice than this. Overnight bookings need to be made at least 24hrs in advance.

How much notice is needed to cancel a booking?

I realise things happen and you may need to cancel. I would appreciate at least 30 minutes notice but any notice is preferable to a no show. If you do not turn up for a first booking and do not notify me your number will be blocked. More leniency will be shown to regular clients.

Do you do discounts or specials?

I do not have a need to offer discounts as I am exceptionally busy. Haggling for this will result in your booking being refused. If you cannot afford my service there are other cheaper options available.
I do on occasion offer a special for a specific service eg doubles.

Can you deny me a booking?

I most certainly can and frequently do. If you approach me in a rude or disrespectful manner I am very unlikely to take your booking. I have many lovely regulars and have no need to deal with rudeness.

Do you do out calls?

Yes, to hotels and motels only. However, I will make exception for existing clients.

Do you do out of town bookings?

Yes, I have several clients who fly me to them. They provide the flights and remunerate me for all my time involved. If I do not know you, I will require a deposit for out of town bookings. I do also tour to Auckland. Standard rates apply for Auckland bookings and deposit is not required. I stay at a lovely Hotel in Ellerslie and only take Incalls.